These US Restaurant Chains Have Announced They Are Closing This Year


You can’t help loving Rainforest Cafe, with its plastic jungles, waterfalls, intermittent thunderstorms and animatronic gorillas. Most fans have fond memories of the gift shops attached to most locations.

Guests keep coming back for the coconut shrimp, Mojo bone ribs, reasonably priced steaks, and affordable kids meals. Plus, whenever someone is served one of the erupting brownie desserts, the whole restaurant has the fun of screaming, “Volcano!”

Though it has been more than 20 years since the theme restaurant fad peaked, Rainforest Cafe continues to survive, though it’s not roaring as loudly as it once did.

The chain’s website shows 17 Rainforest Cafes are currently in business in the U.S., down from a high of 32. Another five locations operate outside the U.S.