Stray Dog And Owner Reunites After Two Years


When pets go missing, families are thrown into upheaval and sadness. In countries like the UK, lost pets are almost never found, as mot are killed or dognapped. The families of those pets may never know what happened to their favorite animals or even get to see them again. Some of them set up ‘missing pet’ announcements all over the internet, all in vain.

But for all of those terrible-ending scenarios, some missing pet stories end rather well. The story of one lovely dog called Lord that was recently discovered by its owner after two years is one such story.

It all started in 2017, when Lord, then a youngish, cute dog was dognapped from the backyard of their owner while playing on its own. Thus began its two-year descent into stray life. Somehow, Lord ended up in Ukraine, but not in someone else’s backyard.

Instead, he ended up on the harsh, cold, and uncertain streets of Ukraine, where he became a stray dog. Stray dogs are exposed to very harsh weather conditions, and most of them die without medical attention.

Formerly home-housed pets also take some time to get used to the way of the streets, and in Lord’s case, it didn’t go so well. By the time an animal shelter discovered him months later, he was thin, frail, sad, and hungry. He hadn’t been loved in a while, and he missed his owners.

Meanwhile, his owners had been searching for him ever since his disappearance, using all possible avenues, but in vain. Already continents apart, they wouldn’t find each other until 2 years later in a setup that can only be called miraculous.

Back in Ukraine, the animal shelter that took a chance on Lord started to nurse him back to health with proper food, proper living conditions, and more. They also made it their mission to help Lord, like many other stray dogs in their care, to find their former owners using social media.

That’s how the photos of a cute canine called Lord first found their way onto the internet. Attached to the pictures were captions announcing Lord’s homelessness situation and imploring users to share the photo far and wide so that Lord’s owner could be found. For two years, users continued finding the photo, loving it and sharing it within their circles, but its former owner was never found.

Until someone in Australia saw the photos too, that is.

It’s a miraculous story because this ‘someone’ was actually a good friend to Lord’s owner and quickly alerted the latter to her dog’s plight. A few weeks later, Lord was staring at his owner, tail wagging uncontrollably and a new light in his formerly sad eyes.

He knew who his owner was and was delighted to see her. On her part, the owner couldn’t contain her emotion and tearfully rushed in to hug her dear canine. It had been two years too long.

Lord is one of the luckier dogs that are found after years of being missing. Many never get to see their owners again.