Dog ‘Faints’ to Avoid Nail Trimming


A video shared by Twitter user @Rashona showing what her pitbull does when she attempts to clip his nails has gone massively viral. Thousands of amused viewers have commented on the Oscar-worthy stunt of her pit bull and the video has 5.9 million views.

She shared the video with the caption “The Academy Award for the best dramatic performance goes to ….” The video shows the pit bull ignoring his owner as she tries to take his paw.

He then suddenly falls on his back with his eyes wide open and his legs stretched up in the air. He takes a sly sideways look at the camera just before he rolls over.

A pit bull is one of the smartest dog breeds. Just because pit bulls have brawn doesn’t mean they don’t have brains. Years of misinformation have made them one of the most misunderstood dog breeds.

They are tenacious and when they put their mind to something, they will usually achieve it. They can sometimes be stubborn and willful but their people-pleasing nature makes them easy to train.

Pit bulls really love people. They love to snuggle, rollover, cuddle, crawl into someone’s lap, and stay close all day long. It’s a common misconception that they are aggressive towards people.

In fact, they rank high among the most affectionate of animals. Of course, you can’t guarantee what’s going to happen when you take out that pair of nail clippers!

Other owners were inspired to share stories about their pets and what they do to avoid nail trimmings. The owner of a greyhound said the dog would fake a limp on one leg and then forget and switch to the other leg.

Another owner said their dogs flinched and yelped when they tried to trim their nails at home. It was a different story when they went to the doggie salon. They were always told how well the doggies had behaved.    One owner shared how her beagle started howling as though he’d been shot before they had even touched him.

Thanks to their people-loving nature, vivacity, high energy, and love of life, pit bulls can be extremely entertaining animals.  Viewers swore that there was no actor who could touch this pit bull and that he should be given parts in movies. They believed he deserved a standing ovation for his dramatic performance in the nail clipping saga.