Cleveland Couple’s Renovation Plans Lead To A Horrifying Discovery


In Cleveland, a couple moved into a new house and settled in. After settling in this house, they decided to breathe new life into their new home by doing some renovations. Renovating a house isn’t easy, and this couple realized that when they decided to start with fixing their basement. They decided to start this work in their basement because they hadn’t used it much and it required a lot of repair work. After repairing the basement, they were then going to remodel their first floor and then move on to the second floor. Their repair work in the basement, however, led them to a shocking discovery.


When they first saw the house, this couple saw that it was a diamond in the rough because it needed some minor renovations. The couple then checked out how much money they’d have to spend if they hire contractors to do these renovations for them. They found out that the labor costs to finish their basement would be around $15 per square foot. When they compared this price with how much they were going to pay for building materials, they found out that they’d save 35% of their total costs for the basement if they renovate it themselves.