40 Car Cleaning Hacks Experts Don’t Want You To Know


A trip around the block can leave you with a dirty car. You probably feel bad when you see it but might not have the time to clean it. People tend to judge you based on your car’s cleanliness. You wouldn’t want your boss to see your dirty vehicle. It might create a bad impression of the kind of person you are. Cleaning your car is not as difficult as you might think, especially if you have some tricks up your sleeve. Here are some car cleaning hacks to use next time you’re cleaning your vehicle.

Get out of a sticky situation

Most car owners have made use of a bumper sticker they’ve later come to regret. But getting it off in its entirety can be difficult. After all, the sticker is designed to survive the elements and remain affixed to the car. It might seem that the only solution is to use a scraper to get the sticker off. But scraping on the paintwork of your vehicle is a bad idea. Get it off with WD-40. This useful household lubricant should be applied to the sticker and allowed to soak in for a while. You’ll be able to peel that sticker off safely.