This Zoo's Newest Addition Might Just Be Its Cutest

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Blank Park Zoo, located in Des Moines, Iowa, has recently welcomed a new addition to their animal family: a baby Japanese Macaque. Traditionally, Macaques are a breed of monkeys that hail from Japan, and their trademark looks certainly draw attention--especially for the baby Japanese Macaques.

The baby was the first baby Japanese Macaque to be born at the zoo in five years, and her mother, Mira, who was born in 2012, was the first Macaque to be born successfully there in over a decade. Still, this recent birth is just one of many--eleven other animals have also been born this year. This list includes two camels, a black rhino, and a giraffe who have all been popular attractions to the public. Even if this baby Japanese Macaque is fresh out of the womb, it hasn't stopped her from making an impression on the zookeepers, who describe her as "spunky" and "adorable". The average lifespan for a female Japanese Macaque is around twenty-four years, which means that this new baby animal could most certainly be around for a long time. The Blank Park Zoo's Macaques are social animals who live in "troops" and spend their days at the Zoo swinging from branch to branch and resting in the trees.

Right now, this new addition to the zoo isn't on display yet and hasn't even joined the rest of the Macaques that reside there. The dedicated staff is busy bottle feeding her, and the plan is that visitors will be able to see her from an observational deck in several weeks. In about six months, she'll be ready to join the other Macaques at the zoo, but for now, it's all about keeping her healthy in these crucial first months of her life.