Woodpecker Fights 10-Foot Snake To For Eggs

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A nerve-wracking video of a fight between a big snake and a woodpecker is going viral on the internet. The video, which was only recently shared onto the microblogging platform Twitter by an officer of India’s Forest Services, features a dramatic confrontation between the bird and reptile and has been viewed over 10,000 times.

What happens in the video?

In the video, which appears to take place on a huge, tall tree inside a thick forest, a medium-sized woodpecker is seen fighting with a snake that emerges from a huge hole in the side of the tree. The snake, which appears to be green in color and about 10 feet long or more, inches out of the hole for the attack but never fully slides out of the tree. 

The fight starts when the woodpecker tries to access the hole in the tree’s side but is then attacked by the snake, which is already inside the hole. The fight grows more vicious as both parties snip at each other using their beak and fangs respectively. 

The crimson crested woodpecker attacks the snake in quick, repeated thrusts, and gets bitten in return at least four times. With each bite, the woodpecker falls down the tree, but then immediately flies back to resume the fight. The action continues for a while.

A case of motherly love

There is an existing explanation for this bravery on the woodpecker’s part. We think the snake was looking for eggs or chicks and the woodpecker arrived to find it had moved in while she was away,’ suggests Assaf Admoni, the Israeli who captured the first video of the fight. 

He also suggests that ‘It really looked like the female [woodpecker] was acting frantically out of maternal instinct. She just kept racing up the tree and attacking the snake on its side.’ Mr Nanda shares his theory. 

Along with video he shared on Twitter, the Forest Services officer noted that ‘All the forces on this planet, will never beat that of mother love. Woodpecker saving its chicks after a fierce air duel with the snake’. While it’s not clear in the video, the woodpecker is believed to have died in the fight following the fight.


About the video

The video was shared on Twitter Sunday 1st March by Susanta Nanda, an officer with India’s Forest Services. Since its publication, the video has been watched more than 10,000 times and counting and triggered numerous reactions among viewers. 

Some, such as Twitter users Dr. Karunendra Kumar were thrilled by it. ‘Really amazing,’ he wrote in response. Other users couldn’t help getting emotional. ‘Ohh god.. Iz got some scary feeling and I can’t stop my tears while seeing this…’ wrote another.

This is not the first iteration of this particular video to capture the internet’s attention. The original version of the video has been playing on YouTube for years now and has accumulated over 8 million views. It was recorded back in 2009 by Assaf Admoni, an Israeli man, while he was touring Peru on holiday.