How A Hand Shake Ended Up Saving A Woman’s Life

A woman’s daily courtesy hand shake ended up saving her life. She was a manager, owned a top of the range car but she was very humble. Every time she drove to work in the morning she would physically shake the hand of the gate man. As she left office in the evening, she did the same: shake the gate’s man hand.

One day she was inspecting some cargo in the cold room (a storage room for storing perishable goods). She took her time with the inspection. She did not know it was almost closing time. The cold room attendant came, did not check inside and locked the room and left in a hurry. He did not know that his boss was inside there. Time went by and it was soon dark.

The gate man did not get his evening handshake. He kept waiting for one hour, two, three to no avail… He could not wait anymore. Something was wrong. He decided to go and have a search on the entire premises. He passed through her office; she was not there. As he approached the storage units, he could hear some mild call for help. He got closer only to hear the manager calling for help. Since he had spare keys to almost every door, he got her out. It was amazing how the lady got saved simply because she insisted on shaking the gate man’s hand every morning and evening.