Woman Adopts a Senior Dog – and Realizes it’s Her Childhood Dog Who Went Missing

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When Nicole Grimes turned 10, her grandmother gave her an adorable puppy for her birthday. She gave this gray Pomeranian-poodle mix puppy the name Chloe, and the two became inseparable. Chloe was her best friend and would lick her face and give her kisses. Their bond kept growing stronger over the following four years.

Surrendering Chloe

Family circumstances changed, and her father started working from home. He couldn’t afford any distractions as he was using their home as an office. Nicole tried her best to keep her pet quiet and out of her father’s way, but Chloe was a yappy dog. Unfortunately, the time came when Nicole no longer had a choice.

school one day, her father took her to an animal shelter where they surrendered
Chloe. Nicole was devastated by the separation. Saying goodbye was very
difficult, and she had to believe that Chloe would find a good new home with
people who loved her.

Chloe wasn’t in Nicole’s life anymore, but she still thought about her all the time. She even went as far as contacting the Humane Society at one point, but they could not tell her anything. She never knew what had happened to her childhood companion and whether she had gone to a loving family.

An interesting Facebook post

Nicole grew up, got married and had her own child. She wanted her daughter to have the same experience as she had with Chloe. She thought about adopting a puppy, but when she went on Facebook, she came across a post showing an elderly dog looking for a home. She was excited because she noticed that this dog had a strong resemblance to the dog she had owned as a child. When she saw that the dog’s name was Chloe, she thought this was an amazing coincidence.

More than coincidence

she went to see the dog, it immediately ran up to her and began licking her
face. She had such an uncanny feeling, and soon other characteristics started
reminding her of her old companion, Chloe. She began crying because she just
knew in her heart that it was her.


As eight years had passed since she last saw Chloe, her family thought it was just wishful thinking on her part. Nicole’s mother was the person who came up with the idea that they could actually find proof because Chloe had been microchipped when she was a puppy. They went to their old veterinarian’s office to get the I.D. number, and when Chloe was scanned, the numbers matched exactly. Nicole felt as though she had just won the lottery.

The missing years

could now fill in the missing years. After surrendering Chloe, she had gone to
live with an elderly couple and stayed happily with them for years until they
passed away. She then went to another family who placed the post Nicole saw on
Facebook when they could no longer keep her. Nicole and Chloe were united once