With his Spider-Man Act For His Farewell, Banker Wins the Hearts of Many


A guy in Sao Paulo, Brazil, proved that bankers are not boring at all. In fact, they could be Spiderman in disguise – you just need to go beyond what you see, and you may be in awe of what you find.

This is precisely the kind of surprise a banker in Brazil sprang on his fellow workers on his last day of working at the bank. He was probably a Spiderman fan all along – or wait, maybe he truly was Spiderman at night, saving the world as flew from building to building.

Whatever, he really made a Spiderman splash and gave workers a time they would never forget! Talk about making a lasting impression. He was someone that had Sao Paulo in a tingle – he had made a post about an anonymous person who was going to spring a super surprise on his last day of work at a bank.

Spiderman makes a splash

No-one was able to spot Spiderman before he made his big splash – he was hiding out in a department that he never worked in – but naturally, once he made his appearance among his fellow-workers, they knew exactly who it was.

Everyone was delighted as Spiderman made his way around his department at one of the city’s largest banks, carrying on with his final-day duties, and taking calls from clients.

Although his boss mightn’t have been too pleased with his antics, Spiderman couldn’t have been too worried considering it was his last day!

It wasn’t long before the Brazilian Spiderman hit social media and pictures of him performing his Spiderman routine went viral, giving the superhero’s fans a super-sizzling time and egging him on from wherever in the world they were.

Spiderman’s new job – a web designer!

Posts on Instagram piled on the love, which just goes to show what can happen if you decide to become a Marvel maestro! One of the comments was: “Dress up for the job you want, not the one that you have.” Another one claimed: “He got a new job as a web designer!” – all of which goes to show whenever a Marvel character shows his might, tons of laughs and joy abound!

Before his last day ended, the joy-bringer had one final trick to spring on his colleagues. He visited everyone in the bank, handing out candy along the way. How is that for making the most of your final day at work!

Another prankster also dressed up as Spiderman caused a buzz at the PAX East Convention in Boston in the US. He did it obviously for fun, but also to see what kinda reaction he’d get. Even the sophisticated been-there-done-that people of Boston were thrilled at the Spiderman impersonator. Everyone wanted to have selfies!

This Spiderman was in for a big surprise, though. He bumped into another Spiderman at the show, so they thought they’d do a dual act which the cause of much mirth and joy for all Spiderman fans. Both agreed the dressing up was totally worth it and they said they would do it again.