Whose Fault Was It? Video Of A Cyclist Crashing Into Car Triggers Debate On Facebook


A video of an accident between a cyclist and a car has triggered a debate on Facebook as viewers try to determine who of both drivers caused the accident. The accident occurred at an intersection in the Australian city of Melbourne and was recorded by another driver using his car’s dashcam.

What really happened?

According to the video, cars are moving swiftly at an intersection, along with a number of cyclists. When a white van passes through the intersection, the cyclist makes to cross the intersection but is then met by a black car that knocks him down.

The white van was initially parked by the roadside, allowing just enough space for cars to turn onto the street. Then the van revved up. According to the men’s website Ladbible, where the video was also shared, the white van blocked the cyclist’s view as it left the intersection.

At the same time, the black car was making a turn at the intersection from the other side at the same time. The cyclist and the car ended up bumping into each other, bringing the cyclist crashing onto the tarmac. In the video, the cyclist gets up from the ground while other cyclists gather around him. He doesn’t seem injured. The black car halts to a stop.

Online Traction

Within hours of its publishing, the video had been viewed more than one thousand times. More than 1700 comments – and counting – had also been posted. Some sided with the car driver, while others were in favor of the cyclist.

The Reaction

Among the thousands of viewers, many were in support of either driver. Many thought that the car was at fault, while others placed the cyclist firmly in the blame box. In favor of the driver, one user explained thus: ‘Driver must be unfamiliar with the area. This is bike central here – a steady stream of bike commuters all day.’

Other users, though clearly on one side or another, were more understanding of all the factors in play. One such user noted that ‘The driver of the car is definitely at fault here. However, and it kills me to say it, it would be very difficult for the driver to see the approaching cyclist. I would never ride through at that speed.’

Another user was more succinct. ‘Both are at fault,’ he stated, adding that, ‘The car failed to give way to all oncoming traffic and the cyclist should have been able to see the car attempting to cross and should have slowed.’

More factual stats about the video

The video seems to have been shot in the later hours of the day. The owner of the dashcam later shared the video on Sunday to the Facebook group Dash Cam Owners Australia, where other owners of dashcams regularly post their own videos of a similar nature. 

Minutes after going live, the video triggered strong debate among the group’s members. Some members later shared the video outside the group.