When Luck Favors: Nine Years Without Rent For Single Mom Struggling in Midst of Recession


In the midst of a recession – wages are down, jobs are scarce, everything is more expensive – this single mother worried about how she was going to pay for the beautiful home she was living in together with her kids. However, the ongoing American crisis would work out in her favor through the most surprising stroke of luck.

Her living arrangement

At the time, she was working at Showhomes Property Management as a realtor, which meant she knew how to work with finances, and at least had something to keep her prepared for the coming crisis. You’d think this specialized knowledge in finances would be what would help her stay rent free, but you’d be mistaken.

She was granted the home by her company and was told she could stay there rent-free for an indefinite amount of time before she started paying. She wasn’t given any timeline on when the rent demands would start coming, and, a year on, she was still living in the home without having paid a dime. However, a few years later, the global financial crisis hit.

The Global Meltdown

The global financial crisis of 2008 was bad – really bad. The worst affected industry just happened to be the real estate businesses, with unpaid mortgages flying through the roof.

Lisa’s company struggled so much it had to lay off a few employees, including Lisa, in an attempt to survive, but it soon went out of business. It was then definitely time to start paying rent for the home. Without a job, and with absolutely nobody hiring, she may have to move in with a relative.

She stayed in the home, every day filled with the anxiety of waiting for a letter to show up in the mail, but nothing ever came. She did all that she could do – used her savings to pay the home bills and waited. It probably didn’t help that almost every one of the neighbor’s houses was being put up for sale, but for whatever reason, she was left alone.

All’s Well That Ends Well

You’d think an auditor would catch up with the mistake the company had made in charging her rent at the time, but nine years later, it was like the house had been completely forgotten. In 2014, however, her rent-free ride finally came to an end.

A company based in Singapore bought the property formerly owned by the company she worked for, and they stated they had no problem with her staying on the property – as long as she paid the rent. Starting off on a clean slate, nobody asked to be reimbursed the cost of living there for nearly a decade, much to her relief. On the positive side, the terrible anxiety of being kicked out of the only home you’ve known your whole adult life was finally over. Still, nothing beats being able to go for nine years without having to pay for rent.