Unusual Canine Imitates Popular Sweet Teat With His Ears

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One of the cutest things about puppies is their ears. Whether they stand up straight or flop down, whether they’re pointed or lean over to one side, a puppy’s ears often give them a sweet and comical look. But the internet’s just discovered a pup with the most unusual ears imaginable, and they resemble a sweet treat that we all love.

Rescuing the pups

Jen Deane is the president of Pit Sisters, an animal rescue organization in Jacksonville, Florida. She’s used to being surrounded by puppies, so when she got a call from a shelter in Georgia, she didn’t hesitate.

The shelter had rescued a litter of badly neglected pups and Deane knew she couldn’t leave them there. She had to help. So she was delivered a litter of five-week-old puppies who were filthy, under-nourished and neglected.

They were also in bad health. She took them to her veterinarian, who gave them the treatment they needed, and under Deane’s tender loving care and watchful eyes, the pups regained their good health.

All the pups were gorgeous, as all pups are, but one particular pup had a special feature that Deane couldn’t help noticing.


Of course, Deane gave each pup a name, one of which was Cinnamon. Cinnamon is a little female with a beautiful coat of tan-colored fur. You’d think that’s why she got her name, but it’s not. This pup had the most unusual pair of ears that Deane had ever seen. They curl and swirl, just like a cinnamon bun, so Deane couldn’t help naming her after the sweet treat we all love.

Deane was so enchanted by the pup’s unique ears that she posted pictures of the curly canine online. And it seems she’s not the only one who fell in love with the little pup. Deane posted Cinnamon’s picture on the Pit Sisters Facebook page.

Soon, hundreds of people on social media were in love with her gorgeous ears and her cute ‘hairstyle’. Within a very short time, Deane and her fellow Pit Sisters were inundated with applications to adopt the adorable mutt.

Finding the right home

They had to carefully scour all the applications to find the perfect people to adopt the young media star. Eventually, they came across a family who seemed the perfect fit for this energetic bundle of fur. Her new forever family has three other dogs with whom Cinnamon could play.

So much to offer

The good news is that Cinnamon quickly settled into her new family. She’s very playful, and full of personality, so her new parents have fallen in love with not only her cute ears, but her general adorableness as well.

She now has a whole family of her own, and three canine brothers and sisters with whom to romp and play. Of the feisty young pup, Deane had this to say: “Her ears just match her personality, quirky and really fun.” We hope her siblings find their furever homes soon.