Uber Driver George Achieves Internet Fame

If you’re a regular Uber passenger, you’ll know that Uber drivers are all different, just like anyone else. George, however, is an Uber driver, and he’s got a different perspective on things. He thinks that getting the optimum Uber drive depends on the passenger.

So much so that he has decided to offer his passengers an actual menu of different ride experiences from which to choose.

The choice is yours

The kind of ride you want from your Uber driver can depend on your mood or your personality. It’s much like going to the hairdresser. Some of us like to chat with our stylish, others of us prefer dead silence and privacy. George knows this.

That’s why he offers a silent ride option, as well as a drive that includes amusing banter along the way. If you’re a fan of horror and all things scary, the creepy ride’s for you. All George does is remain silent, casting a look at you every so often in a decidedly frightening way.

And if you’re troubled, he’ll give you the therapy ride option during which he’ll listen intently to all your woes.

And that’s not all

George has a ride for all occasions. Consider the popular rude ride, which we think must be pretty hilarious. The rude ride experience consists of George being as rude as he possibly can to you throughout the ride.

He might even throw in a gift such as a keychain with a whole lot of curse words on it. It’s a rough ride alright!

Going viral

Frankly, George is the Uber driver we all dream of. Whatever your state of mind, whatever your mood, George has something for that to make the journey just a little bit more interesting. And now George is famous, at least on the Internet.

One of his passengers, @LuisLovesGoats, posted a photograph of his ride menu on Twitter. The menu is a proper paper menu like one in a restaurant that George offers to his riders as they get into his car. The passenger then chooses the option they want, and they get exactly the type of ride they prefer that day.

Interestingly for us, the Twitter post went viral, but George was blissfully unaware of his growing fame. Luckily, @LuisLovesGoats managed to track down George and tell him of his new-found fame.

When George isn’t driving, he’s a healthcare worker from Seattle, Washington. Since his Internet fame, he’s started his own Twitter account, @uber_george, and attracted thousands of followers within just a month of launching his account. There you can follow him and his crazy antics. He even gets asked to autograph his menu. He’s probably the most famous Uber driver in the world.

So, if you’re ever in Seattle, Washington, and you need to call an Uber, maybe you should give George a tweet and tell him his services are required. We bet he’s pretty busy these days with his sudden famous status, so maybe you’ll need to book in advance. It’s probably worth the wait.