These Two Pre-Teens Are Spreading Kindness In An Unusual Way

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This summer, instead of heading out to the pool or playing video games, 12-year old Regan Murphy and Simon Osako have decided to spread a little kindness around Cedar Rapids using "magic wands". These homemade creations are placed around various public hotspots in the community for people to find, and when they do, they're supposed to complete an act of kindness and pass on the wand.

So far, with the help of friends and supporters of the project, the middle schoolers have already made over two hundred wands, and they aren't done yet. Under the supervision of their parents, Simon and Regan have made social media accounts on Instagram and Facebook--with the username "kindnessismagiccr"--with the hope that people will find a wand, do something kind and share it online. They've also made sure to include ideas for completing acts of kindness each week--for example, one Monday's kindness prompt was to help a neighbor.

The idea for the project originated after the boys saw a post on Pinterest about a woman who does a similar thing in her community once a year. Feeling motivated, the boys decided it was time to make a positive change in their community, and the summer was the perfect opportunity to do so.


So far, Simon and Regan want to have 1,000 acts of kindness done by the time school starts up again for the boys. There's not exactly a set number of acts that have been done yet, but ultimately the numbers don't matter--the goal of the project is to inspire both kids and grown-ups to be kind in their communities without feeling like it's some kind of chore.

Want to help out the project? Help Simon and Regan spread kindness by sharing this with your friends and letting others know about this movement.