This Senior Found a Way to Live Outside Nursing Home In Better Conditions and Cheaper Prices


One of the toughest things about being a senior citizen is just how tough it can be on the wallets of those around you. Nobody has the time – everyone is busy with their commitments, so there’s no choice than to dump our beloved senior citizens in a retirement home.

Terry Robinson, a senior citizen in Texas, figured out a way to live in better conditions than some of the most affordable nursing homes can provide to spend his golden years.

Rather than the often debilitating conditions of a nursing home, Terry plans to spend the rest of his days at the local Holiday Inn. The kind owners of the business have had a long-running ‘senior discount’ that makes a living in one of their facilities practically heaven as compared to the average nursing home.

The bad and the good

Nursing homes aren’t always a great place for retired seniors to spend their time. In particular, seniors often experience mistreatment from staff and end up not receiving adequate attention due to the sheer number of people to be looked after.

Logistics-wise, it’s tough to develop a cost-effective business model that can cater to all manner of customers. However, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

Various hotels all over the countries provide free amenities to both visitors and anyone looking for an extended stay at the facilities. These include breakfast, soap, shampoo, free WiFi and even a fitness center for exercise.

Best of all, the Holiday Inn is one of those hotels that don’t need months’ worth of reservations beforehand.

Unbelievably affordable

When he first did the math, he figured something had to be off because of how unlikely it was that they could get a deal. The average nursing home costs about $180 a night, but with the senior’s discount, Holiday Inn costs less than half of that – $60 a night.

Considering the extra services they offer, the amount of money that can be saved, together with the facilities they get to enjoy are almost too right to be true.

Accounting for extra costs that may turn up like tipping the hotel staff or having to get new changes of clothes doesn’t significantly put a dent in the senior’s pocket, either.

According to him, the most enjoyable aspect of the whole ordeal is that he doesn’t feel like a patient trapped in a hospital they can’t leave.

A welcome change of pace

Terry’s ingenious plan to spend time at a Holiday Inn is one of those things that we read and go, ‘huh. Why didn’t we think of that?’ It offers better flexibility than any other options on the table, aided by the fact that Holiday Inn has over 1,000 different locations all over the countries.

This makes it one of the most ubiquitous and easily-accessible hotels anywhere.

Friends and family are free to visit any time, and there’s complimentary transport for seniors between locations.