This Man Proposed With 6 Different Rings So His Girlfriend Could Pick for Herself

For men, popping the question is one of the most anxiety-inducing parts of life. The timing has to be just right, for some, the ring has to be perfect, and you have to be confident the person you’re proposing to is going to say yes.

Thanks to a fortunate stroke of creativity and indecisiveness, this man got six different diamond rings for his girlfriend to choose from. Diamonds are forever, after all.

Proposal anxiety

Even for people very much in love, popping the question is an anxiety-driven affair. There’s always a part gnawing at the back of your mind telling you she’s going to say no.

For most people, a smooth proposal is an indication of a wedding that’s going to be just as much, and maybe even a more prosperous marriage. Part of the anxiety is from the fact that a lot of women ‘want it to be special.’

Dennis Brown II, a young model with a glimmer in his eye, wanted the occasion to be special himself. Atara, his girlfriend, hadn’t made any demands of him, but he felt he needed to sweep her off her feet such that she couldn’t say no. He then went out of his way to give her a unique proposal.

Coming Up With A Plan

If you think buying six different rings to propose is extravagant, the lengths Brown went to to make the occasion special will blow you away. He hired professional designers, photographers and even a crew of florists and organizers to make sure the event was going to be perfect.

She had described what she wanted her dream proposal to be, and Brown did not spare any detail when it came down to it. These included an elegantly-drawn note in cursive on a backdrop describing how much he cared for her and how much she meant to him.

Even with all this flare and near-perfection, what made the occasion go over the top was the rings, and how they were presented to the bride-to-be.

An Unbelievable Assortment of Jewels

Rather than dropping down to his knee with one incredibly expensive over-the-top ring, Brown presented her with six different incredibly expensive over-the-top rings. Why not just one, you might ask?

Partially, it was indecisiveness, and in even more significant part, he wanted her to be happy with the engagement ring she picked. Though every one of them was as lovely as the next, Dallas went for a beautiful emerald teardrop-shaped diamond ring that matched surprisingly well with her outfit.

The proposal would soon go viral on, and as you’d expect, people were quick to share their opinions: some thought the gesture was excessive, while others played it down as being extremely romantic.

A significant number of guys were also quick to complain that Brown was setting the bar too high for future proposals. All that matters is Dallas’ opinion: she loved it!