This Guy Saved A Little Butterfly When it Looked Like All Hope Was Lost


In many different cultures, butterflies are held as a broad representation of life and prosperity. They are often associated with the soul and life. The Chinese have long considered it a sign of long and healthy life; the Japanese hold the same beliefs, and butterflies are used on different kinds of family crests. Even the Greeks had a reverence for butterflies, a tradition that was passed down to Christianity where it’s used as a metaphor for the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus.

Our little friends

Perhaps most significant of all, butterflies, together with bees, are responsible for much of the pollination that happens in the wild. Without them, most species of trees we know of today would slowly dwindle out of existence for lack of reproduction. With no trees, the human race is as good as dead.

When this guy spotted a butterfly with a broken wing, he swooped into action, hoping to make a difference in the world, no matter how small. A broken wing is relatively easy to repair, despite how fragile butterflies seem. In the video, the man holds a brief instructional of how a butterfly’s wings work, precisely as hundreds of thousands of years worth of evolution had intended.

A damaged wing

Repairing a butterfly’s wing doesn’t involve as much effort as one might initially think. If it’s a small hole or tears at the edge of the wing, a little patching or snipping to make the wing symmetrical again should do the trick. The only trouble, of course, is if the operation is wholly botched and the wings are even more out of balance than before. Unfortunately, it looked like carrying out the otherwise simple procedure on this butterfly was going to be difficult.

The butterfly had suffered relatively severe damage to its right wing. Part of it had broken right around the edge, try as it might, the poor creature couldn’t flap itself back into the air. Butterfly wings don’t work the same as human skin – they can’t afford just self-repair and be back to happily coloring the sky orange.

Seeing an opportunity to both do some good and educate the world on how to take care of a situation such as this, the good Samaritan jumped into action.

The operation

In the video, he can be seen gently holding down the butterfly as he tries to approximate what portion of the opposite wing he can cut out without causing the butterfly to be even more lopsided than before. It were no simple task and had there been a little bit more music; it has the making of a fancy Disney animation from the late 90s.

In the end, the scissors come down on the butterfly’s wings, and it’s a little distressing to see it without a part of what makes up its whole identity. He then gently reattaches it using a combination of clear tape and glue, before the animal is healthy to retake flight.