This Couple Thought Someone Had Lost a Poor Doggo in the Trail, but They See His Collar and it All Makes Sense

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Nothing quite makes a weekend complete unless you head over to your favorite trail for a hike with your beloved dog. The only problem being you don’t have a dog and the only other reasonable explanation being someone lost their pet in the woods.

When a cute pup started following this couple around, they thought he might be lost because he would not stop following them around everywhere they went. It didn’t have any specific goal in mind aside from enjoying their company.

A Normal Morning

Scott Brown lives in Seattle and works with a non-profit group called Recovery Beyond Paradigm, which helps homeless people and addicts literally ‘climb out of homelessness.’ As part of the recovery process, the people are taught how to hike as a substitute for otherwise being idle and using drugs.

As part of the normal routine, they were going to explore a new area at the Teneriffe Falls in Washington State just close to North Bend. He was going to be joined by his wife, a group of volunteers and someone they ultimately did not expect.

Making a new friend

Like every other morning, he started by going on ahead of everyone else. On the snowy trek, however, he encountered something unusual. There was a small, large dog at the entrance to the trail.

At first, he dismissed it since there was a neighborhood nearby. Maybe the dog had just wandered off and was looking for an owner. Whoever owned it would soon come this way looking for it or something.

The fluffy tour guide

When the other hikers joined him, however, the dog tagged right along like it was part of the group and was utterly unrelenting. He jumped right at the forefront of the group and led them all up to the trail. Whenever they stopped, so would he. He was like the perfect, fluffy tour guide nobody asked for, but everyone wanted.

He would even join the group and sit with them as they took photos. When they were done with their breaks, he would also continue hiking.

Hey, I’m Smokey

At that crucial point concern outweighs curiosity, Brown decided to look at the dog’s tag to make sure the dog was able to get back home if needed. He learned the dog’s name was Smokey, and the accompanying message was just as heartwarming.

The dog’s name was Smokey, and he lived just close by. And to explain the somewhat unusual behavior, it turns out he likes hiking, which leads him to follow climbers around whenever he encounters them.

Delighted, they enjoyed the friendly pup’s company for the rest of the day until they got back to the parking lot. At which point, Smokey stopped just where they had found him, barked an acknowledging goodbye as the group got into their cars and wandered off just the same way he’d come.