This Accountant has a Big Heart for Senior Dogs

What do we do when we grow old and may find it difficult living alone? With children, there are always adoption agencies, but who would want to adopt an older person? This analogy applies well even to man’s best friend. Nobody would want to adopt old dogs, and often, you would find them struggling in dog shelters. That is a sad plight. Is there anybody out there who cares?

A dog enthusiast

One person’s experience of grief when his beloved dog died changed his life. If only old dogs can talk, they would all agree to spend their last moments with Steve Grieg, a dog lover who has devoted part of his life in taking care of senior dogs. Steve decided on this course after his beloved pet passed away.

Since then he has provided a home to a wide range of unwanted canines. This transformed his home into a zoo of lovable senior canines, and he has cherished every minute of it.

A big heart for animals

Steve always had a pet throughout his life. This isn’t surprising at all since both his parents were animal lovers. Because of this, Steve found himself growing up surrounded by creatures inside their home, and this led him to adopt some more as he grew up.

Even with the presence of many animals around, it did not lessen the grief he felt when any of them died. The most recent struggle to deal with the loss of his pet was very difficult. This made Steve decide to do something about it.

Grateful canines

Steve was very determined to do something positive to commemorate his pup’s passing. To him, it became a mission. He started by going to an animal shelter in his locale, where he asked them to show him the most unwanted canines.

The dogs which got passed over were those with disabilities, were sick, and the aged. His first adoption was a 12-year old Chihuahua who had bad knees and a heart murmur.

Other additions came later expanding his new “unwanted” canine brood. Steve didn’t have a problem with his growing family because he got used to it while growing up.

Steve took a huge step for his advocacy when he brought home eight more shelter dogs all at once, most of which were seniors. For a lot of people, this can be very overwhelming, especially with canines having their own accommodations, schedules, and diets. But for Steve, he had no issues with it.

Wonderful chaos

With so many boarders at home, Steve had to make his own schedule. He gets up at 5:00 in the morning to prepare breakfast for ten dogs. He must also give special attention to the senior dogs by taking them to vet and grooming appointments, feeding them lunch, and getting them outdoors for some exercise and sunshine. Steve does everything while still maintaining his accountant job!

Steve also has several creatures living with him in and out of the house. He takes care of pigeons, chickens, ducks, rabbits, fish, and a huge indoor pig. Most people would have caved in should they have so many animals in their homes, but not Steve.

Here is one guy who, aside from being completely devoted to his mission, also finds joy in tending to his flock.