There’s Nothing Frozen About Dad and Son’s Show!

Norwegian comedian Ørjan Burøehas always seen the world differently than most dads, or most males come to that.

He believes strongly in healthy male masculinity, and that doesn’t include any Marvel-type superhero that’s going to save the world at any given moment.

He firmly rejects the stereotypes that bundle males and females into boxes, leading them to believe they must act in a particular manner according to gender.

He wanted to prove to the world that most masculine concepts are outdated and are dragged along by the generations with herd mentality.

He says that the world believes that boys should be soccer legends like their dads and spend all day practicing moves or working out in the gym. Girls, he says, should be doing ballet classes and learning how to cook.

Or so the world believes, he says. He thinks completely out of the box if there was a box there in the first place.

The video that went viral

He set the world on fire with a video that went viral of him performing with his son to the hit song Let it Go, from Disney’s Frozen movie – and soon to be a Broadway sensation.

Anyone that hasn’t been comatose under a rock will know both the movie and the song. If you have kids, you will no doubt have heard the song at least 100 times or more.

Dad says that most times boys are discouraged from anything that would be deemed feminine, and that includes getting dressed up and prancing around the living room. He says this is an important expression of creativity that is wrongly denied to many children.

Some children are so vehemently forbidden to even think of such things that they become physically and mentally ill, conditions that last with them long into their adolescent and adult lives, producing the exact opposite effect of what the father wanted.

Performance of a lifetime

By not forcing traditional masculinity down a little boy’s throat at the threat of hiding or worse, the chances of that little boy being naturally attracted to manly pursuits are far, and some ‘feminine’ role-playing does not ‘scar them for life’ as the older generations would have you believe.

Anyway, so this is what happened. Dad and his 4-year-old son Dexter, who regards Princess Elsa from Frozen as a ‘superhero’ did something special. He thought this was wonderful and didn’t resort to giving him a lecture about who should and shouldn’t be heroes!

He searched for some Elsa-like dresses online and some of the Frozen props, dressed his boy in a dress, donned one himself, and when his wife was out shopping, he and his son gave the Frozen performance of a lifetime!

He recorded it, loaded it onto YouTube and it became an overnight viral sensation. The video is funny and heart-warming and sneaks its way right into your heart. Their dance proved that stereotyping should be banished, and you can have such fun in doing just that!