The Story of Ted Williams: Homeless Man To A Celebrity With His ‘Golden Voice’

We live in a world defined by social media. A world that is constantly upgrading itself. More and more people are becoming famous via the internet. The ways they earn their fame are various and every one of them has their own story to tell. However, there is one man whose story you didn’t see coming. A man who, at first sight, had no future at all and who was living on the streets has found his life path.

The man who rocked the world

Ted Williams transformed himself in a not so ordinary way. After the video where he showed his voice became viral, he started to get noticed and become famous very soon. His rich voice allowed him to find his way out of the miserable life he was living. People from his neighborhood in Columbus, Ohio have issues with finding a home, with unemployment, and addiction, Ted didn’t have many opportunities to use his talent.

However, one day his video saw the light of the day and it showed the world who he is and what he could be. It created numerous chances for him to use his gift, and at the same time opened plenty of doors leading to a successful life.

Work opportunities

Williams was soon presented with job offers he could previously only dream of. The once jobless Ted didn’t have the luxury to say ‘no’ to a job, and now he can choose the one that he wants to do. The income he was getting seemed unreal to him, but he knew very well that he deserved every penny.

He was collaborating with big companies, such as Pepsi, Cleveland Cavaliers and Kraft Mac&Cheese. On the other hand, even if he had luck in the business field, he still had some internal issues to deal with.

Fighting addiction

A drug and alcohol addiction were the two worst habits of Ted. Despite his attention to stay sober, Williams returned many times to his habits. He decided to try with rehab to help him stay consistent and focused.

Difficulties at work

Even though plenty of people have tried to sabotage his success, Ted usually accomplished to get pass them. However, there were certain individuals he was working with that attempted to involve Ted into some serious stuff, such as heroin smuggling. He found himself nearly without any money left. Nevertheless, Williams didn’t stop fighting.

Finding a solution

Thanks to his persistence, he managed to land a secure gig that included his own show on the radio. It was named ‘The Golden Voice Show.’ Williams accomplished what he wished for such a long time – to become financially independent and to help the place where he used to eat. It’s a shelter for homeless people that was there for him when no one else was.

Due to its belief in himself and without any fear of failure, Ted Williams has shown the world that, no matter where you come from, you can always achieve your goals.