The Act of Kindness by the Waitress for Her Grieving Customer Will Melt Your Heart

Being a regular at a restaurant has a lot of perks: the waitresses immediately recognize you, and, often, know what you want right away. When a couple that visited the diner quite often came back one day without their newborn baby, she didn’t immediately realize the kind of trauma the family had just endured. However, she decided to do something that helped make all the difference in the world.

A devoted family

The couple in question is Shaun and Debbie Riddle – they got married in Texas and lived there for as long as they were together. The year 2015 saw them bring forth Glory, a beautiful baby girl to complete a happy trio and even more adorable family.

Their favorite place to eat was the West Side Cafe – famous for their home cooking and incredibly friendly staff. The waitress that would always cater to the couple’s needs was Kayla Lane. She was particularly liked by the locals, thanks to her gift of remembering people’s names and their regular orders. Shaun, Debbie, and Glory were her favorite customers.

The Heart-rending Discovery

One day, however, the couple came in without their little bundle of joy, and they looked more under the weather than Kayla had ever seen them. They didn’t seem like the chirpy couple she was so used to serving every other day. Out of both curiosity and concern, she decided to ask them if they minded sharing what was bothering them so. As she had imagined, it wasn’t anything close to good news.

They informed her that their baby had fallen victim to SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), an as of yet unexplained phenomenon that often leads to the death of children under the age of six months. Gloria had been gone for a few weeks now, and life just wasn’t the same without her.

An act of kindness

Upon the discovery, Kayla was moved by the revelation – having never lost anyone close to her, she couldn’t imagine what they were going through. But she did her best. Once the couple was done with their meal, she left them a note of encouragement and told them the meal was on her – courtesy of the West Side Cafe staff.

One Good Deed Deserves Another

As small a gesture as it may seem, it’s often said that the smallest acts make the biggest differences. Shaun and Debbie themselves were so touched by Kayla’s generosity that they had to find a way to repay her kindness.

In the process, they found out she worked at the cafe to pay for school; they decided to start a scholarship program in their child’s memory, and Kayla would be the first person to be enrolled. It was dedicated to helping students like Kayla who couldn’t afford to pay their college fees but had incredible prospects. There can really be no better way to pay back a person for their good deeds.