Taipei City Police Department Has Recently Appointed Six Animal Officers

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If the world had more animal officers like these, you would have gladly wished to get arrested. Aren't you? Well, the police department of new Taipei city has recently appointed six precious members to their team. And, each of them is absolutely cute and adorable.

The K-9 Unit of new Taipei city's police department already has two young sniffer dogs i.e. Leader and Yellow. They are two years old. In the recent times, a group of six little animals has joined their team. More precisely, six Labrador pups have been appointed by the police department on May 9, 2017. Now Schuman, Eagle, AJ, Sunny, Fushin, and Federica will be now trained in order to become detection dogs. And, there is absolutely no doubt that these six young Labradors are the cutest and most adorable police puppies.

Five of the Labrador puppies who are having black-colored coat will be trained to become drug-detection dogs. And, they will further help the new Taipei city police department to easily detect the illegal activities of drug addicts and smugglers.

Among this group of six Labrador pups, the most unique and adorable animal is Fushin. He is the only yellow-colored Labrador dog that makes him so exclusive and distinctive from the rest. According to the honorary captain of the K-9 Unit (Pan Tian-long), he had already made special plans for Fushin.

Unlike his other animal friends, Fushin will be trained to become a blood detection dog. He will be soon provided adequate training. After this training, Fushin will assist the police officers to detect, discover, hunt, and/or pursue important traces at crime scenes. He will even help the officers to catch suspected criminals.

Labradors like these young little guys are mostly used by the police department to detect drugs, explosives, and blood at the crime scenes and various crowded areas.

Since the addition of these six cutesy animals, the members of new Taipei city police department are absolutely delighted to provide around-the-clock care for them. And, who wouldn't be? They are so cute, adorable, and charming.