This Summer Make The Neighbors Sizzle Over Your Newly Modeled Lawn Furniture

Summer is all about enjoying the heat in comfort and style. Even if that means making your backyard an oasis away for from the work week. It helps to start with making sure you have suitable outdoor furniture. You can go buy new items if you can afford the expense. For those of you who cannot there are a few things you can do to restore your lawn furniture to as good as new. You can start trying this really simple repair to faded seat cushions.

Repainting Faded Seat Cushions
Buying new seat cushions can be a very costly purchase. As long as your cushions are not too damaged and just faded you have another option. Faded seat cushions can be easily repaired with a simple paint job.

You want to begin by choosing any type of outdoor paint that best matches the old color. Make sure you buy paint that is meant for exterior use and is waterproof. Fabric paint serves neither of these purposes. You can even use spray paint which works just as fabulous. Just remember to purchase a brand that is waterproof and will stick to fabric.
Once you choose a color you are ready to paint. Grab a paint brush and all your painting essentials you will need. You want to paint as few coats as possible but just enough to cover all the damaged areas. Painting on too many coats can make your cushions very stiff and uncomfortable to sit on. Try to stick to using one coat if possible.
After your cushions are dry you can put them back on your lawn furniture and sit in the summer sun. Enjoying the fact that you just saved a ton of money by doing this project yourself. Your neighbors will sizzle every time they pass your yard. You can spend the money you saved on buying a grill now!