Subway Proves A Tough Learning Ground For This Kid


Sometimes, the lack of good parenting brings home lessons to children in a way that they have no option but to learn very quickly!

Such a case happened on the New York subway recently where a kid with all the attitude in the world thought he’d lie down on the seats and give his legs the good, long stretch he thought they needed.

Now, as anyone who has ridden the subway knows, they are usually packed and finding a seat is a question of luck and boundless patience. New Yorkers are not renowned for their friendliness and charm, especially on the subway, and as any out-of-towner will confirm, it can be quite a daunting experience.

Go ahead and spread yourself!

So, rush hour it was on this day when the kid decided he’d take up, like, three seats in his stretch-out routine. Never mind the adults and the seniors who must make do while standing and being jostled about as the train hurtles through the tunnel!

No, why should he bother? That’s their bad luck, and, in any event, he had serious business to attend to on his phone which occupied his sole attention.

Now, subway riders have for a long time petitioned and rallied for an upgrading of the subway system. They say it is outdated – which it is – and needs more than a clean-up and a good going-over.

The cars need to be replaced and the stations need a superhero team to make them hospitable! Riders often must contend with rats, half-eaten pizzas tossed aside and holes in the platform.

Are their voices being heard? At the time of going online, no, and of course, this just makes the riders more incensed, so other riders better not get in their way!

At any time, you hoard a bunch of people in a crammed space and you’re looking for trouble. They’re hot, sweaty, and either have a full day’s work to look forward to, or, if it’s going home time, they’re tired, miserable, hungry and their fuses are very short. The smelly cars they must ride in don’t help either, but for most, they have no option. They must take the subway.

An uncomfortable, and a comfortable, ride!

So, anyway, on this day, there’s this kid, not a care in the world except what’s on his phone, and a lot of irate people standing around. One weary, hefty commuter was having none of it, though. He looked hard at the kid and then promptly sat down on his legs.

The kid couldn’t move because of the weight and it was naturally very uncomfortable for him, but tough. Our man made himself comfortable, though, and enjoyed the rest of his ride.

Naturally, the incident was captured by everyone with their cellphones, and our man was hailed as a hero. They joyfully captured the kid’s painful and furious reaction, like he was thinking ‘what the hell??’, but he never opened his mouth to say anything, which is probably just as well.

The incident was shared thousands of times, bringing laughs to many. Maybe the parents also got to see it and give their son a good talking-to. Hope springs eternal.