Simple DIY Invisible Bookshelf That Is Sure To Impress

If you are an avid book reader and love collecting books chances are that you are running out of book storage space. Mounting plain old bookshelves does not reflect on a reader’s artistic taste. Well, there is a new trend of diy invisible bookshelves among book readers. Invisible bookshelves are easy to make and very durable.

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To make our bookshelf we will need a large book, velcro strips, metal bracket, screws, bubble level and screwdriver. The large book will form the base of the shelf. Your base book should not be a book that you frequently read as it is your shelf.

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The next step involves attaching the metal bracket to the book. Attach the metal bracket on the back cover of the book using velcro strips. The spine of the book should face away from the wall, which tricks others into thinking the book is levitating. Use the bubble level to align the book on the wall. You can opt to mount the book onto the wall using screws or velcro strips depending on the weight of the books the shelf will handle. The process of making our DIY bookshelf should take only five minutes.