Sibling Rivalry Offers a Light Note In the Midst of the Coronavirus Pandemic


When New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo, recently appeared on a live television interview with his younger brother, Chris Cuomo, they started bickering lightheartedly about their upbringing, curfews and their mother’s favorite child.

The video has gone viral and provided amusement to millions at a time when the coronavirus pandemic is causing much fear and alarm. In the dark days of social distancing, the Cuomo brothers, sons of the late New York Governor, Mario Cuomo and his wife Matilda, have provided some light relief to U.S. citizens.

Andrew Cuomo, 62, appeared on CNN to discuss how his state was responding to the pandemic. New York is currently the state worst affected by the Coronavirus. He has been winning praise for his straight-talking and competence in these dark times and New Yorkers consider themselves lucky to have such good leadership.

Andrew was interviewed by his younger brother, Chris Cuomo, a CNN journalist and the host of the show. The discussion between the two veered off into personal territory when Chris asked Andrew whether New York State would impose a curfew on residents.

Andrew responded that he didn’t like the word curfew. He said his dad tried to have a curfew for him and he never got past the resentment. He then mentioned that Chris had violated the curfew all the time which had caused him much pain.

At this humorous shot from his brother, Chris (49) responds that he doesn’t like rules. He was clearly surprised by what his brother’s response to his curfew question, judging from the expression on his face. His response, urging Andrew to call their mother, triggers Andrew, and the interaction devolves from there.

Chris says to his brother that he appreciates him coming on the show, is proud of him and how hard he is working for his state but that no matter how hard he is working there is always time for him to call his mother. She wants to hear from him.

Andrew wasn’t going to let his brother get away with this dig and responds by saying that he had called his mom just before the show and she had said that he was her favorite son. He continues along this line, saying that he had good news - that she said Christopher was her second favorite son.

Chris fires back that he can’t believe his brother is lying to the audience because neither of them are their mother’s favorite. He says to his brother that he is blowing the credibility of the entire interview.

Yes – and this is happening while the state that Andrew governs – and the country Chris covers as a journalist – is experiencing a global pandemic. They end their chat by exchanging I love you’s.

One Twitter user responded that the video of the brothers fighting ON AIR is better than anything Shakespeare ever wrote. Another stated that he would support CNN moving full time to Cuomo brothers’ content.