Pup Rescued Miles Off The Coast Of Thailand

Working on an oil rig is not for everyone. If you work on one of around 1,500 offshore oil rigs around the world, you could end up hundreds of miles out to sea, literally in the middle of nowhere.

When you live and work on one of these rigs, there’s no looking out of the window at your surroundings because there aren’t any windows. But you won’t be alone. You’ll most likely be among about 200 other people, making it a mini city in the middle of the ocean.

Ahoy There

When you’re working on an offshore rig, the only things you expect to see in the ocean around you is a ship or a boat, certainly not a land animal. But this is what Vitisak Payalaw and his crew saw one day while they were working on a rig.

As you can imagine, they couldn’t believe their eyes. There, swimming towards them in the ocean was a dog, desperately trying to keep its head above water. The puppy was fighting like crazy to reach the rig.

A Helping Hand

What made the situation even crazier was the fact that the oil rig Payalaw and his team were on was a full 135 miles (220 kilometers) off the coast of Thailand! How on earth had the dog got there? When Payalaw saw the dog in its desperate state, he extended a pole towards the pup to try and help it along.

Payalaw, who is an offshore planner for Chevron Thailand Exploration and Production, said afterward that the dog seemed to be imploring him for help. He said anyone who had seen the exhausted animal would have reacted the same way and tried to help the animal.

On Board

Luckily for the fortunate dog, a brown aspin, the workers pulled him onto the rig, and he made it to safety. There, the crew comforted him by feeding him tasty morsels of meat and fresh water to slake his thirst.

The poor boy also had to be given a good wash to get rid of all the salt from his fur. Once he was fed, watered, and clean, the dog settled down for a good nap. The crew even gave him a name: Boonrod, which means one who is saved or survivor. Payalaw said the dog obviously has good karma, which is what helped him survive the ordeal.

Where Did Boonrod Come From?

While crew members nursed the poor dog back to health, another rig worker radioed for help. A tanker that was not too far away happened to be heading for shore. Boonrod had the honor of being lifted by crane onto an oil ship and taken to a veterinarian in southern Thailand.

He was said to be in remarkably good condition and spirits. But his luck doesn’t end there. If no-one comes forward to claim the lucky hound, Payalaw is going to adopt him. After all, the fates seem to have brought the two together.