OMG! Harry The Hippo Biggest Fart Video Goes Viral

There a lot of funny animal videos on the internet and it’s mostly cats, dogs, and raccoons that star in this category but never a hippo. The luck for hippo’s getting recognition for their entertaining character started changing on a video that was posted online in 2011.

The video shows a hippo farting for the longest time with a lot of noise. The hype for that video quickly died back down as years progressed but now it has resurfaced.

The Farting Hippo

Passing gas is part of life even the President and the Queen of England farts sometimes, and there is nothing wrong with it, in fact, some people find breaking wind to be humorous.

When a hippo does it though, the humor gets escalated. In the video, Harry comes up from the water, and after taking a few steps, releases a long, elaborate fart.

Hippos don’t like being out of the water mostly, but now we know why Harry came out of his watering hole.

The sounds are hilarious on their own, one YouTube user commented and said it sound like a chain saw cutting a tree. The fart sounds like Harry the Hippo was enjoying Taco night at the Kentucky Derby the previous day.

The hype on the internet is so enormous, just like the fart on the video because the video recently received a whopping 30 million views.

After eight years of this video being online, its comeback is higher than the initial posting of it as the video has made its way to every social media platform and is getting countless reposts, likes, and comments.


The entire online community has come together to appreciate this glorious fart, and there are a lot of funny comments you can come across online. One person said this fart was a defensive tactic when the hippo grew tired of the people that surrounded him.

Someone also said this happens to him after eating a couple of Chipotle’s with chilli and another tweeter expressed that there’s nothing more elevating than watching this video in the morning, waking up to humor does give you that required a boost to face the long day ahead.

And he has earned his accolade of being a prolific farter with this forever taking and eventful release of gas. There are different reactions to this incident, and all of them are positive, for example, plush farting Hippo toys started being manufactured and are currently on sale on Amazon.

Samantha Foster decided to show her appreciation by using her authoring skills to write a children’s book titled The Farting Hippo.

Next time you head to the zoo or game reserve, don’t forget your camera. Please do also keep it handy because you never know when you will see something that will unite the internet community as Harry did.

For those who haven’t seen the video, you should do yourself a solid and check out the video. You should also read the comments online about this incident if you are up for a good laugh.