Mischievous Ninja Tortoise Fitted With A  Tracking Device After Escaping For The Umpteenth Time

Most of us know the pain and frustration of losing a pet. Now imagine how this family felt when they found out that their pet tortoise is an escape artist. Their tortoise Mikey has managed to escape from them on countless occasions and for varying lengths of time.

Mikey can even hide for months on end, and this is what has made the Saxelby family decide on outfitting him with a GPS tracking device.

Into the shadows

Mikey lives with a large family that has 15 pets. Even though such a large crowd surrounds him, he prefers to live in solitude. Mikey cherishes his peace, and he isn’t a big fan of cuddling. Sometimes he doesn’t mind lying on one of the Saxelby’s knees, but that’s mostly because he enjoys the warmth, not the physical contact.

Mikey isn’t like other tortoises, he won’t show any sign of affection and refuses to respond to his name. Whenever he feels like he’s been around people and animals for too long, he will escape at all costs. The Saxelby’s have even tried building escape-proof enclosures to curb this habit, but he’s managed to escape from all of them. Mikey climbs over fences and doesn’t mind getting his “hands” dirty by digging his way to freedom.

One of the Saxelby’s children Clyde (17), tried to put an end to this by building Mikey a tortoise “paradise” in an outdoor enclosure that was meant for one of their horse’s. Mikey however, managed to get away from his “paradise,” and this escape proved to be most devastating of them all as the Saxelby’s had to endure being without him for six months. They eventually thought that he’d gone for good this time or was dead somewhere.

The Fast

Mikey is quite fast on his legs despite being a tortoise. He has been spotted fleeing from his enclosures at a brisk speed of 65 yards per hour! His ability to escape fast and skillfully has had his owner Rosie (18) spending most of her time looking for him rather than bonding with him.

Being the agile sprinter and cunning escape artist that he is, the Saxelby’s decided to put an end to his mischief. They had a GPS tracking device installed on top of his shell so that they’d always know where he is.

And the furious

The Saxelby’s have had it with Mikey’s tricks and now keep him indoors in a bedroom vivarium. This has helped them to free up the space they had intended for their horses. The Saxelby’s aren’t the only ones who are furious, Mikey is too. He’s not pleased with that the Saxelby’s can find him more quickly since he prefers his own company.

Rosie isn’t planning on keeping him indoors forever, and she’s been busy with her family trying to come up with a ninja-tortoise-proof enclosure. This won’t be an easy task because in that enclosure, Mikey will still have decades to look for a way out and he is an expert.