How This Pro-Golfer Become Friends with a "Heckler"

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There's no worse moment for a golfer concentrating on a crucial shot than getting disturbed and losing focus. This happened to 25-year-old Brandon Mathews, a professional golfer while participating in a tournament in Buenos Aires at the Argentine Open.

A screaming "heckler" made Brandon lose the shot, although surprisingly, the heckler became his friend. After Brandon learned the reason why the mysterious heckler reacted that way, they shared an unforgettable moment.

A unique situation

Most golfers know that to qualify for each of the tournaments, they should place well in the minor competitions. For Brandon Mathews, there is an apprehension about making the cut with his entry into the Argentine Open as he already experienced disappointing tournaments. To qualify for the British Open, he had to perform well at the Argentine Open.

Even after giving his best, he didn't become the frontrunner as the tournament came to a close. Towards the end, it had become increasingly clear that for his efforts to pay off, he had to do well with his last putt.

Should he succeed, it meant qualifying for the British Open. If not, he would attend his final competition for the year. Brandon breathed in deeply as he prepared for his putt. Just as took his final putt, somebody in the crowd let out a scream that startled everyone.

Devastating defeat

It was so unfortunate that this last scream knocked Brandon off his game. Traditionally, the audience wouldn't make any noise during such a moment. A calm atmosphere is what golfers need for full concentration.

Needless to say, Matthew felt devastated and he showed his dismay by aggressively gesturing towards the crowd in the direction where the scream emanated.

This instance was the final nail on Brandon's chances for the British Open. He had to try his luck again next year to qualify. He spent some time alone in the locker room with his thoughts of anger and frustration, interrupted only by the entrance of Claudio Rivas, the event's director.

Rivas informed Brandon they found the "heckler" who turned out to be one of Brandon's fans suffering from Down Syndrome. Unfortunately, the boy had an uncontrollable attack at a very inconvenient time.

A change of heart

Learning about the condition of this fan turned Brandon's frustration into a more sympathetic attitude. He knew about the syndrome because when he was young, he had a close friend with a sister who had the same condition.

Moreover, Brandon's own mother also worked with a group home for disabled individuals. Brandon truly had lots of experience with those who have Down's Syndrome. Brandon's anger softened by the information and he felt more concerned about making sure that his fan didn't feel bad.

Making amends

Rivas made sure that Brandon and his fan - whose name is Juan - met each other. The kid turned very ecstatic as he got the chance to personally meet one of his favorite professional golfers.

To Brandon, this meeting became a special moment which he believed was more significant than winning the tournament. There were no ill feelings between the two. Brandon even gave Juan a glove and golf ball as souvenirs.