How a Loyal Corgi Stayed With His Master While She Gave Birth


Dogs are the most loyal creatures in existence. They place the well-being of their humans above anything else in the world. While his mom Brooke was giving birth at home, he did something incredible. After seeing it, you will see why corgis are some of the most beloved breeds of dog out there.

Preparations for the big day

Kristin Waner is an old friend of Brooke’s, and she has photographed the birth of Brooke’s first two children. It was only right that they invited her to capture the third baby coming into this world. Everything went smooth, but Kristen noticed something strange while she was editing the photos. Ranger, the family’s corgi, wasn’t really noticed during the whole ordeal.

However, as Kristin was capturing the birth, she saw how he behaved. He didn’t leave Brooke’s side for a moment. It’s almost as if he felt that something significant was going on. From the moment Kristin walked through the door, Ranger was immensely excited. He was jumping up and down and braking all the time. After he said hello to Kristin, he ran back to the bedroom.

By her side

Brooke was giving birth in a pool in the bedroom. Ranger didn’t want to hear no for an answer, so he sat by Brooke’s side, giving her nose nudges and kisses. He was bent on seeing his mommy give birth and nothing was going to stop him. It’s not every day that you see an animal understand the concept of birth. Ranger was always an intelligent dog, but this was surprising.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes. Even though I have known Brooke for a while now, I have never seen Ranger act this way. Even though I didn’t notice what he was doing at first, I’m glad I captured every moment the right way”, says Kristin. “This is what photography is all about – capturing moments that might end up being lost or forgotten. Now the whole world can see what a heroic dog ranger is!”

A new family member

Steve, Brooke’s husband also chimed in. “Initially, I was afraid of what was going to happen because Brooke was having nasty contractions. I held her hand and comforted her, but I soon realized Ranger was doing a better job than me! He never leaves our side and always sleeps with us. What can I say – he’s a one of a kind pooch!”

After everything went okay, Ranger was delighted to meet his new sister Berkeley. Even after the birth was over, Ranger insisted on watching her get her first outfit and get weighed. He was wiggling his tail all the time and cuddling with Berkeley. We’re sure that this little girl will have a wonderful childhood with this four-pawed hero at her side. Dogs are truly amazing, and brave Ranger really outdid himself this time. Who need midwives when you have a corgi who’s skilled at everything? Congratulations to the family, as well.