Horse Saving His Fellow Horses In California Wildfire Goes Viral

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Simi Valley, October 2019, a horrible wildfire spreads through the valley in California. Residents fleeing for their lives and they are forced to evacuate their homes and leave their belongings behind. Firefighters and normal helpers risk their lives to save people. But what about the animals that also live in the valley, who looks after them?

Luckily a group of animal-loving volunteers helped to evacuate a herd of frightened horses. The horses didn’t know which way to go with the hot flames surrounding them. But, it wasn’t just human volunteers that helped save the lives, one brave horse has been captured on video, that has since gone viral, as it charged back into danger to save 2 of his friends. This horse truly deserves some kind of medal for bravery.

A hellish wildfire

A small brush fire, easily extinguished with a bucket of water, quickly became an uncontrolled wildfire in Simi Valley. Engulfing homes, leaving more than 26,000 people homeless, having to leave their homes and possessions behind. The fire named the Easy-Fire turned Simi Valley, Moorpark, and Thousand Oaks into a hellish wasteland. 1,723 acres going up in fire and smoke.

Extreme winds threatened to send the fire even further and firefighters fought tirelessly, day and night to contain, control and ultimately extinguish the fire. According to Ventura Country Fire Chief Mark Lorenzen “Unfortunately, it was about the worst time it could happen – 40-mile-an-hour sustained winds and fuels that were ripe and ready to carry fire.”

With wind gusts that reached up to 60 miles-per-hour, everything had to be done to contain the fire, but this came at a price. Three brave firefighters were injured while taking on this massive task. In the end, heroes were named and everyone celebrated. But there was one more hero to praise… One brave horse.

No man or beast left behind

While trying to rescue a thoroughbred horse from the flaming inferno, the volunteers had no idea what was going on when the mighty stallion bucked away from the group. Try as they might the horse refused to go in the direction it was being led.

The brave horse raced back through the smoke and flames to rescue his fellow horses. A video of the moment the horse emerge with his friends quickly went viral. As the horse raced back through the flames you could see he was on a mission and he would not be stopped. He got to his family and steered them towards the rescue group.

Only when every single horse was saved, did our hero allow rescue workers to guide them uphill to safety. It wasn’t long before the video of the brave horse made it to social media with everyone praised the horse for his bravery.

It didn’t take long for the video of the horse running away from the rescue team to find his family of horses to spread on social media. Twitter users were enamored with the horse’s bravery and shared their thoughts on the heroic act. Let’s learn from these animals. We never thought we would aspire to be like a horse, but this is an obvious exception.