Homeless Man Gets a New Home for Christmas After a Surprising Act of Kindness

It’s super easy to get caught up in the heat of all the hustle and bustle over the Christmas season that the next thing you know, you’ve lost track of everyone you were together with a few minutes ago. It’s made worse if you’re far away from home and don’t know a single thing about your new environment.

In Edinburg earlier during the month, two girls suddenly found themselves in such a troublesome predicament, and they had no idea where to start. They would end up with the most unlikely new friend – with a homeless man – who would be invited for their annual Christmas dinner.

Lost in the City

The hero in question is Jimmy Fraser, a man who was forced onto the street 13 years ago, due to a sudden family crisis that left him impoverished. On what he figured would be another normal Christmas holiday, he warmly received the two girls that approached him.

The two sisters – Annis and Emma Lindqvist – had stopped to ask him for directions for a pub they were supposed to be meeting more friends at, but the conversation diverted to beyond their original intentions. Impressed by his demeanor and politeness, they all instantly became friends.

Forming a new bond

According to Annis, they had seen him seated right there, doing nearly nothing, and Anna suggested that they sit with him, and so they did. They then struck up a conversation and sat there for hours – meeting all kinds of different people in the process: other homeless folk and those who usually offer homeless people food.

The pair was then struck by how relatively eloquent the man was and decided to invite him home for Christmas dinner back in Sweden. Fraser was pretty skeptical, which, to be fair, anyone would be. He was only convinced once he headed to the post office and there was a bunch of money for a new passport and a plane ticket waiting for him. He was extremely excited.

Making a new family

Fraser accepted the invitation to spend Christmas with the family and had what became the time of his life since forever. He enjoyed an amazing meal cooked by Anna herself, watched hockey together with everyone, tried one of Sweden’s local delicacies – elk meatballs and even went Christmas shopping together.

In the end, however, Fraser had to go back to Edinburgh and find a new way to make ends meet. As downtrodding as this may sound, he is more positive about life and is more sure things will change about his situation than ever.

He now believes there are a lot of good people out there willing to do good not for publicity’s sake but out of the warmth of their own hearts.

The duo has invited him back for Easter celebrations, and he is more than happy to make the trip soon. Maybe he’ll be ready to show them the kind of change they’ve impacted upon his life.