A Hilarious Cat Wakes A Sleeping Dog Up With A Slap, What Happens Next is Just Amazing

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So you though that the cats and the dogs have forgiven each other? Well, wait till you watch this hilarious video clip! A dog was having a nap, resting, probably after spending a busy day hunting for squirrels in the woods. Unfortunately, a niggling cat was around and you know the kind of “beef” cats and dogs have! The cat was just not going to let the dog have a rest, not after hearing rumors of how successful the dog had been in catching monster squirrels that day!


Video Source: raouf zeroual Youtube Channel

Okay, the whole saga started when the homeowner came back home after a successful hunting session with his dog and started bragging of how fast and agile his dog was. Luckily, or unluckily to others, the house cat was around and heard the man praising his little dog. The cat decided to get revenge by attacking the dog while sleeping. The cat slapped the napping dog so provocatively that the dog reacted in a manner that will surprise you. The cat just couldn’t let a sleeping do lie, could it?