Glen’s Heartwarming Act Of Kindness

Glen’s Heartwarming Act Of Kindness written by: Debdorshi When Glen James returned a lost bag containing traveler checks worth more than 40000 dollars in cash to its rightful owner, he never realized that his life is going to change completely.
Glen is a homeless man who used to sit near the TJ Maxx Store at Boston. One day, he discovered an abandoned bag. He peeked inside the bag and found out that the bag contains 40000 Dollars worth traveler checks along with a passport and some cash. For a homeless guy who mainly depends on traveler checks for earnings, it was a life-changing amount of money. However, without any hesitation, Glen returned the bag to the Boston police and then it eventually reached the rightful owner.

Mr. Whittington from Boston was the actual owner of the bag. When he got to know about the story, he was amazed because of the heartwarming act of kindness. He immediately decided that Glen deserved better and started a fund to help him out. To his amazement, people from all over the world contributed to the fund and they have managed to collect as much as 148000 Dollars. A trust has also been created to deal with the tax issues and to make sure that the money is used for the intended purpose. Glen is overwhelmed by the support he has received so far and plans to use the fund in the best possible way.

Whittington also flew to Boston to personally meet him and thank him for his efforts. Glen’s life has changed drastically since this incident. He is no more homeless. He has a proper shelter and has also opened his own bank account. He was also honoured by the Boston Police for his extraordinary show of character and kindness. It shows how just a single act of kindness can potentially change the course of one’s life. Glen is definitely an inspiration for all of us.