Game of Thrones Fans Searching for Six Hidden Thrones IRL and One is Still Missing


It’s impossible to imagine a world without Game of Thrones. The show’s last season is fast approaching and GoT fans have been speculating on possible endings for the show. Fans around the world are impatiently awaiting the bittersweet coming of the final series from HBO.

For those fans who are eager to embark on a grand adventure of their own, the HBO has come up with an epic scavenger hunt for them. The TV network hid six real thrones around the world and challenged fans to go find them.

There are five thrones that have actually been found by fans, however, as of late March, one throne still remains to be found. So, who will finally sit on this Iron Throne?

Beginning of The Quest

This epic challenge was released by HBO on March 18, 2019. Fans had to find six real-life thrones hidden in far-flung places worldwide. Hungry fans had to get contented with hour-long, 360-degree videos of the throne’s location as clues to finding them.

In just a day, the Throne of the Forest was found by two fans at Forest of Dean in the United Kingdom. This location was also the setting for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Soon after, the Throne of the North was discovered in a snowfield in Björkliden, Sweden.

Winter is Coming

To find the next three thrones in this epic hunt, fans turned into the ultimate detectives. The magnificent Throne of Valyria was uncovered in the middle of a Brazilian desert.

The glorious Throne of Joy was discovered in the bright and beautiful beaches of Spain. In the icy tundra of British Columbia, Canada, GoT fans also found the Throne of Ice nicely tucked away.

Clues to the final mysterious throne were given to anxious fans once the fifth throne was found. Winners of this scavenger hunt were given replicas of “The Usurper” King Robert Baratheon’s crown to rock IRL!

Do It #ForTheThrone

What makes this challenge exciting are the pictures that happy fans are sharing when they find the elusive throne. There are fans driving over three hours just to search a familiar spot to unearth these mysterious thrones.

Fans do not have to worry about their legendary discoveries going unnoticed since the TV network’s publicity team will document their grand discovery.

When the Throne of the North in Sweden was discovered by photographer John Vitblom, he said that they were extremely surprised by a camera team that wanted pictures and an interview with them.

Reactions from social media were extremely satisfying.

Twitter user @pman976 boasted, “I was 3rd person. 1/2 hour late for 1st #ForTheThrone”

Another Twitter user @Kane_North proclaimed “Update: Found after running back to cell service. I realized it was moved to a safer location near highway 52 due to the melting ice on the creek. At least it save me some bushwhacking and I could strip off my snow gear! #throneofice #forthethrone”

In the meantime, Twitter user @KerrieG84 took to the social media platform to brag: “Quest for the Throne completed! 10th person on the throne this morning #ForTheThrone”