Father Surprised By Baby’s Reaction To Hearing His Voice For The First Time

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Whether you want to believe it or not, babies can hear things from inside the womb long before they born, and they form a bond with those voices, that is the first bond they have with their parents the faceless voices. Still don't want to believe it?

Well, Flavio Dantas will testify to that fact. When Flavio and his partner Tarsila found out she is pregnant, the proud expectant father started speaking to his unborn child.

But this father did not expect his daughter to smile as she recognized her dad’s voice and could put a face to the voice. The heartening story was shared on Instagram and it was long before the post to spread like wildfire.

Babies Can Hear You

18 weeks into pregnancy unborn babies can start to discern sounds, as the weeks go by they become more attuned to different sounds.

It is a very good idea for parents to speak to babies in the womb to start building that bond between parent and child, some mother even sings lullabies and tell stories to the baby, others would play classical music, classical music is believed to help develop baby’s creative side.

By week 24, baby’s ears are developing at a speedy rate, from here they will become even more sensitive, differentiating between sounds during the weeks leading up to their birth, so it only makes sense that babies will recognize their parents' voices.

Talking To His Baby

Flavio heard about the theory and he decided that we would test the theory. He spoke to his baby every morning and evening after getting home from work, telling her everything about his day, even telling her about his job and all the boring details.

She just had to listen to all of it. He always repeated how much he loved her. He would stroke Rosa’s stomach and reminded her that he will never abandon them.

He was unsure if his baby could hear him, but he never stopped talking. It helped him build an interesting bond.

Reacting To His Voice

Antonella was born on the 8th of August 2019. Right after she was born, Dantas started talking, the same as he did when Rosa was pregnant. The little girl started smiling as soon as she heard daddy's voice, proving this theory once and for all.

Dantas was so excited about her smiling. He explained that it felt as if the emotions want to climb out of his chest. The happy family is living in Rio de Janeiro, and the new parents are enjoying watching Antonella grow and develop new skills.

Going Viral On Social Media

Their photos were shared on an Instagram to an account that tells of Antonella’s growth. The photos quickly went viral. A lot of comments said how cute it was and others shared similar stories. As small as this little girl is, she already has her dad right where she wants him.