Fails To Settle For A Single Rescue Dog Woman Adopts A Shelter

Choosing which dog to adopt from a shelter is hard for any dog-lover. But it was particularly hard for Danielle Eden when she visited a dog shelter in Israel. As co-founder of Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary, she has visited countless animal shelters around the world.

These visits have all resulted in her bringing dogs in the direst circumstances back to the rescue’s own rolling 50-acre property in King,

Ontario. During her visit to a dog shelter in Israel, Eden found that all the animals were in such desperate need of rescuing that she didn’t know which one to pick. So she picked them all.

For The Love Of Dogs

It’s not such an easy task having to take care of animals that suffer from disabilities, illnesses, and neglect. Eden is no stranger to animal adoption and together with her husband Rob, believe in the miracle of second chances and recovery. A struggling dog needs adequate shelter, companionship, and time to heal so that they can undergo a positive transformation.

The family owns the Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary located in Ontario, Canada. This rescue center for dogs has opened its doors to pooches from all walks of life. In particular, Danielle is keen on finding dogs that can’t be adopted. That’s why she always adopts a dog or two whenever she comes back from her homeland of Israel.

A Messiah For Canines

Despite being a veteran at rescuing dogs, nothing could prepare Danielle for one shelter visit in Israel. This was one shelter she’d ever seen. All 250 dogs were living in a rat-infested space designed for 70. The animals were filthy and fighting over scraps of food. Many of the dogs had spent years there and every bit of bread flung into a kennel was an invitation to brawl.

“Dogs were literally fighting over a loaf of bread,” Clare Forndran, media director for Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary says. “There were more rats than dogs.” Indeed, dead rats, mingled with live rats, who mingled with dogs eking out an existence there for years.

Once she surveyed this sordid scene, Eden couldn’t choose which dogs would have a chance at new lives in Canada. They were all living in abject misery, so she decided to buy the entire shelter. The lengthy process of transferring all dogs from Israel to Ontario took several months, but all dogs eventually made it to Canada.

Dog Heaven

Sharing their story on Facebook, and thanks to the power of social media, Danielle and Rob have received support from thousands of people. At the Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary, dogs have the freedom to stretch their limbs, receive medical attention, and get plenty of food and affection.

Many of the dogs that were rescued from the rat-infested, crowded shelter in Israel were adopted into forever homes. Danielle still keeps in touch with local shelters in Israel to help find dogs who need the most care. However, she knows she can’t save every single dog in need, but she does her best to try.