She Expected A Boring Summer….Until She Discovered These Summer Hacks

Leaving college after her freshman year, Emily thought she was in for a boring summer. After a year of making new friends and experiences, going back home a few hundred miles away seemed like a let down. However, a few changes to her routine helped her get the best summer of her life. How did Emily get to a good place? She used a few key summer hacks and you can too!

She Said Yes….To Everything

Just like the woman who said yes to everything for a whole year, Emily made a commitment to saying “yes” to opportunities that came her way over the summer. It’s easy to turn down experiences but summer is a great time to explore new friendships, new ideas, and keep all the options open.

Saying yes over the summer allowed Emily to meet new people and pushed her outside of her comfort zone. For example, one time she said yes to an impromptu road trip that she would never have accepted otherwise! New experiences can be stressful but being open is a great habit to have not just for the summer but also your entire life.

Fight Inaction

Summer isn’t just a time to browse television shows and sit around the house. Emily took charge of her summer by keeping herself busy. Get a part-time job, volunteer, or just find ways to be busy. She allowed herself a few hours of downtime every day but limited any alone time. Keeping busy helped Emily get the most from her summer.

Before you know it, care-free summers are over and school starts again. Take a page from Emily’s book and use her advice to get the most from every moment. Summer time goes by fast but by being open and purposeful with your time, you’ll make life-long memories in just a few short months…