Employee Of The Month?? Never a Possibility For These Careless Workers


Let’s face it, work is tough. Some jobs aren’t for the faint-hearted. A lot of people take on jobs that put them in danger. Others pursue high-flying corporate careers that come with a lot of stress. The bulk of people, however, subscribe to the idea of working to live instead of living to work. They wander along, doing regular jobs. Any job requires some level of committed dedication. Here are some folks whose photos won’t be appearing on the bulletin board as ‘employee of the month.’

Apples and oranges

The term comparing apples and oranges is often thrown around in the marketing world. This well-used idiom means that there are certain things that cannot be compared with one another. However, at the Compare Store, analogies aren’t important. Instead of comparing prices only, the store challenges employees and customers to compare the incomparable. That must be why this package of corn was labeled watermelon. We’d humbly suggest that this goes beyond the proverbial apple and orange. They’re the same shape! Anyone up for a vocabulary test?