Doting Couple Builds Custom Bed To Fit Rescue Dogs … and them


They say that dogs are man’s (and woman’s) best friend, and millions of people the world over share their lives with one or more dogs. Most of us love our pups and would do just about anything to keep them happy, but one couple has gone a whole lot further than most to ensure the comfort of their doggy companions.

Canine crew

When Mariesa and Chris Hughes first met, they had lots in common, but one thing in particular: they both really love dogs. At that time, Mariesa had two of them, and Chris had six. So when they became a family, they ended up with an amazing eight dogs, presumably paradise for the pair.

Not content with just eight dogs, the couple decided to open a rescue organization that specializes in placing older dogs. The project is called the Mr. Mo Project after their beloved dog, Moses, who sadly died of cancer a few years ago.

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Scientific studies have shown that sleeping next to your furry friends is good for your health, and the Hugheses certainly agree. The trouble is, sharing a bed with just one animal can be challenging at best.

It’s amazing how even a small dog or cat can take up so much room in a bed that you end up squeezed to the very edge of the mattress, or even on the floor in a bid to accommodate your furbaby. But when it comes to sharing a bed with eight fully-grown rescue dogs sounds like an impossible task.

Custom design

But  Mariesa and Chris Hughes were undeterred by what seemed like an insurmountable problem. How could they fit eight dogs (and themselves) on a standard bed?

It was completely impossible, so the couple decided to put out a request for someone to build them a custom ‘megabed’ big enough to fit the 10 of them comfortably and look good at the same time.

Mega size

It was Mike Ford from Michael’s Custom Interiors who responded to the Hughes post. Ford is a big dog lover himself, and the project appealed to him.

“It broke my heart because I can’t imagine all the love and work these people put into their organization. They came up with the idea for the king-sized bed and asked me to come up with the concept to make it all work.”

Four weeks to fruition

Ford took four weeks to bring the megabed concept to life. The bed is made of solid cherry wood, and combines a king sized mattress with a full size mattress turned on its side, as well as a staircase for the dogs who can’t jump on the bed.

Ford included storage drawers underneath the frame. Now the entire Hughes family, including Mariesa and Chris, as well as furbabies Gremlin, Mabel, Meatball, Money, Quinn, The Stig, Sam, and Tejas, can all sleep together in comfort and harmony. Everybody’s delighted with the arrangement.