Dad Invents App That Forces Children To Respond ASAP


If you are tired of trying to gain the attention of your little darlings while they stare at their devices, or hang out with their buddies, a creative Dad might have found the answer to your problems.

Okay, it’s irritating to try and get your kid’s attention over all the other chatter that surrounds him or her, but sometimes you really do need to urgently get in touch with them.

This was the case with Londoner Nick Herbert who had repeated difficulty in touching base with his son, Ben. As he said about his son: “He may prioritize his friends’ messages over mine, sometimes.”

Technology to the rescue

Finally, Nick got to the stage where he knew he had to do something. He was concerned that in the event of an emergency, he wouldn’t be able to contact his son.

So, he turned his attention to technology which is something that most kids can relate to. Nick took his problem seriously and eventually developed an app called ReplyASAP.

No other choice

The app basically gives your child no choice but to stop whatever they’re doing on their phones until they have phoned whichever parent is trying to get hold of them.

ReplyASAP is a high-tech check-in system that allows you to send messages to whomever you have connected with via the app, such as your child. When you contact the child via the app, your message will appear on their phone on top of whatever they are doing at the time.

The phone will also make a noise until the child interacts with the app, even if the phone has been turned to silent mode. Once the child has read your message, the app will send you a notification that it has been read and details of the child’s location.

Simple, but genius

So, if you’ve installed the app,  you can call your child via the app and their phone will sound an alarm. It’ll also freeze until the child calls you back. So, whatever they’re doing, be it gaming, chatting, or texting, they’ll be interrupted, which they’re not going to like.

This will encourage them to contact you back when you make contact with them. After all, kids, especially teens, hate being unable to use their phones for even a few minutes. And even if the child hits snooze, the alarm keeps going off until the child checks in with you. Simple, but effective.


Nick’s son, Ben, has this to say about his Dad’s ingenious invention: “It could be annoying – but on the flip side, it’s important.” At the moment, the app is only available for Android phones, but it’s certainly proved popular.

Since its launch in August 2017, it’s been dowloaded over 10,000 times, so that must been thousands of parents now able to get hold of their kids more easily and less worry. It also probably means some frustrated teenagers who wish the app had never been invented!