Crocheting 80-Year-Old Has Made Thousands Of Hats For Babies


Most people are well into their retirement years when they reach their 80’s, and that means they don’t have to work. But what about those 80-year-olds who still feel young and want to work? Most of them resort to taking up a hobby like knitting and crocheting.

This is precisely what this lady here has been doing, crocheting warm hats for newborns, by the thousands. These don’t just go to her grandchildren or help her line her pockets with money. She donates these hats to a hospital. The hospital staff loves her work, and they aren’t shy to talk about it.

New life, a new hobby

After retirement 80-year-old Doris Bender didn’t know what to do with all the time she had. Her husband spent his evenings watching sports, but she wasn’t interested in them, so she sought new ways to kill time. Bender eventually told her daughter, Terrie Grim about her predicament and Terrie offered her a suggestion.

She suggested that Bender should try her hand at crocheting and make hats for babies. Terrie then introduced Bender to a nurse who helped her get started. Bender later learned how to crochet and started her little nonprofit organization.

For a good cause

Now that she’s mastered crocheting, Bender spends 3 hours a day making baby hats. So far, she’s made hats for over 2,000 infants since she chose this hobby. Bender usually crochets a minimum of 60 hats before she delivers them to the Meritus Medical Center.

Sometimes she delivers up to 100 hats each time. She also doesn’t view making these hats as some mundane task but as a way to relax. Bender says that it usually takes her 1 hour and 15 minutes to finish one hat. She also said that she’d completed some hats in less time. However, some hats take her longer to finish because she has to stop crocheting when her hands hurt.

Changing things up

Even though she produces large quantities of hats, she doesn’t make them with the same colored yarns. She also doesn’t have standard patterns that she sticks to, and that means every hat she makes is made unique.

Bender also makes hats that go along with the seasons. So if it’s Halloween season, she’ll make Halloween themed hats. Bender kept up this work for three years without seeing any babies wearing her hats, but this was about to end soon.

A warm and loving welcome

For the first time, Doris Bender got the fruits of her labor on a 2019, Valentines Day. She got to see twin sisters Alina and Macie wearing pink and white hats that were made by her. This was an extraordinary moment in her life since got to see the positive impact made by her work.

Bender even got to cuddle with the twins as they slept. Hospital staff also remarked at how happy the babies were with the hats. They also pointed out that these hats help with keeping the infants at healthy body temperature.