Check Out These 40 Super Hilarious Airport Signs

There was a time when picking up someone from the airport involved identifying them from hundreds of other faces as they walked toward you. Not the most engaging activity of course. Then people discovered airport signs – plain white papers with names on them – and they’ve been simplifying airport pickups ever since. Until the wrath of people’s creativity hit, that is. Airport signs are now being used to express all manner of emotions, including frustrations, making marriage proposals and announcing the birth of new babies. We collected some of the most hilarious airport signs you’ll ever come across. Check it out!

The Sex Change Poster

There are more than a few ways to look at this airport sign, and all of them are equally warm and humorous. We can only imagine how hard it is dealing with a sex change in the family, but we think this airport sign was a perfect fit to celebrate the person and the moment.  But most important of all is that he acknowledged his mother’s sex change and took time off to come to pick her up from the airport. Once again, regardless of the errors one may make on their airport sign, it’s the thought that matters.