As It Turns Out, the Secret Santa of This Lucky Reddit User was Bill Gates!

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At this day and age, Christmas doesn't feel like Christmas without gifts. Even the true essence of the season is often overshadowed by the presents we get. We often ponder about the gifts we receive, but what if your Secret Santa turns out to be the richest man in the whole world?

One woman from Metro Detroit discovered this surprise when she participated in the 95 RedditGifts exchanges. This is an online event for Reddit users where they exchange gifts with each other for Christmas.

The lucky lady

Reddit is the sponsor of Secret Santa, the biggest gift exchange online that Shelby participated in. Every year, this time on its 11th, users signed up and got matched. Users, of course, will look for the perfect gift for the one they picked and they need to submit this by the 20th of December.

For this year, there have been over 1.7 million gifts sent on the online platform.  Shelby was totally surprised when she received a package weighing 81 pounds on the 18th of December sent to her from her Secret Santa who was none other than Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist, Bill Gates.

A secret billionaire Santa

Unknown to many, Bill Gates has been a participant of the Reddit gift exchange program since 2013. He is the richest man in the world and for Shelby, this truly was a shocker. She knew that Bill participated in the event but she never expected him to be her Secret Santa. As she told CNN in her interviews, "It is truly surprising."

Christmas surprise

The 18th of December was a busy day for Shelby. Her holiday party at work was to happen on that day and the idea made her feel relaxed. She also has to keep tracking her Christmas exchange gift which by the way made her more curious because of the gift's weight - 81 pounds. To Shelby, this must be truly something special.

It was only 9:30 am and she just cannot drop everything just to go home and accept this gigantic package.  Just as the holiday party finished, she rushed over to FedEx. When she gave the tracking number to the FedEx clerk, the excited clerk just shouted out: "Oh my God!

You're the Bill Gates package! We have been waiting for you for the whole day." The package, labeled #95, was brought to Shelby which she immediately opened. It was literally lit up with fairy lights. Shelby couldn't just believe it was happening.

Then she saw the infamous Bill Gates letter photo and placard. This made her stomach flip. "THIS JUST HAPPENED!"

Thanking Bill

For Shelby, it was truly the gift of a lifetime. Among other things, it contained a fancy copy of "The Great Gatsby" manuscript, chocolates, a hammock, a Harry Potter Santa hat and even gifts for her cats.

Aside from these, Bill also made a donation to the American Heart Association placed in the name of Shelby's mom who died just 10 days before she got married. Shelby cannot thank the world's richest man enough for these once-in-a-lifetime, precious gifts.