Ariane’s Endless Act Of Kindness

Our actions can have a considerable impact on other people’s lives. Unfortunately, many people don’t know this. Sometimes, you don’t need to do something monumental just a small action can produce a wave of effects.

Ariane Nelson learned this when she decided to take a different approach. Many people ignore the homeless on their commute to work or home. They didn’t even give them a look. How many times do you ignore someone when they ask for a few bucks to get back home or grab some food. Arian changed someone’s life when he decided not to ignore.

He Only Needed Some Milk

How do we know about Arian’s story? It’s through a viral Facebook story. Her act of kindness was just awesome. It all started when a young man went to Arian, while she was at a gas station, asking for a gallon of milk.

She was about to instinctively say “No” until she noticed the woman on the side holding a bag of cereals. Arian’s instincts told her that the woman was his girlfriend. As she filled her car with gas, she went inside the store to grab some milk. She could have stopped there, but Arian was determined to help.

Her Continuing Act of Kindness

Ariane was about to leave; after all, she already provided them with what they wanted. Instead, she took it a step further. At that moment, Arian felt something telling her to do more for the young couple. Arian looked at the young man and explained that she was about to get her car washed, but she’d pay him $20 if he washes the car for her.

The young man took the offer and was teary-eyed when receiving his money. He talked about how he appreciates a good day’s work and not a handout. His girlfriend was also very proud of him; she couldn’t stop smiling. She truly appreciated his hard work.

She Took It A Step Further

Ariane’s story was a touching one, and it didn’t stop by her giving $20. Her story was shared on the Facebook page, Love What Matters, and blew up with shares and likes. People also added their own stories of kindness, which were also fantastic.

Ariane took it a step further when she took the young couple to her home. She did this after they told her that they have been looking for work for quite some time. What Ariane did was awesome! She gave them clothes to wear for interviews and offered to drive them to any meeting or appointment they make. It’s no wonder this act of kindness touched people.

It’s quite a surprise to many how a gallon of milk and the choice to listen and notice someone made a huge difference in two people’s lives. It doesn’t take much to make a difference in someone’s life. Next time, if someone approaches you, think of Arian’s story and how she was able to make such a massive difference with just a gallon of milk and some kindness.