Angry Ram Smashes Glass Door While Trying to Fight Its Reflection

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A Southwell man woke up thinking that his home had been vandalized due to his smashed patio door.  Quentin Rayner, a 58-year old BBC reporter, and Southwell resident were sleeping peacefully when an unusually loud noise woke him up.

He was about to call the police thinking that miscreants had forced their way into his home when he saw the culprit laying in the garden, chewing away on pot plants.

Runaway Ram

After finding the smashed patio window, the 58-year old Southwell resident thought that vandals had also ransacked his garden. It’s only after looking outside that he discovered that the culprit was a runaway ram.

According to Rayner, who presents BBC East Midlands, the ram must have seen its reflections on the glass and decided to slug it out in true ‘ram’ fashion.

After discovering the damage Rayner said, “To say I was shocked would be an understatement.” He adds that he found the ram on the other side of the cracked patio door, happily chewing on his pot plants.

Speaking to The Mirror (no pun intended) he said, “My first thought was it must be vandals and was about to call the police when I saw this ram lying in the garden chewing away on pot plants.” While on BBC the Southwell resident added, “It must have seen his reflection in the doors and decided to have a fight.”

Rayner and his wife Emma eventually decided to call the police who sent an officer to investigate the matter. After some time, a farmer from the Southwell area got in touch with the police to claim the runaway ram.

Insurance Claim

It would be interesting to know how the conversation between Mr. Rayner and his insurance company went. It’s no wonder that he couldn’t understand their response over the phone when he called to report this unusual incident to them.

While calling his insurance company to make a claim, he informed them that his patio door had been smashed by an angry ram fighting its reflection. Luckily, an assessor was sent and the insurer agreed to pay up the expenses.

Similar Incidents

This isn’t an isolated case since there have been incidences of rams taking on private property. In yet another incident this year, a homeowner in Ohio found a bighorn ram in their bathroom after it broke the house’s sliding glass door.

The bighorn ram had escaped from the nearest farm and broken into the Keathley family home. Back in 2016, a business in Colorado, U.S. caught a ram on camera trying to take out the glass door to their business.

In 2017, employees of a Louisville business thought that their offices had been broken into after finding the two glass doors to their office smashed. After an inventory check and finding that everything was intact, they decided to check what the security camera had captured.

The footage showed that an angry ram had created the “awful mess” they found that morning.