Amazing Animal Musicians

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The phrase "music is the universal language" has even deeper meaning when you consider that non-human animals have talent when it comes to beats, riffs and melodies.
Check out these amazing animal minstrels!

Keeping The Beat
They say that your band is only as good as your drummer, so who better to keep the beat than man's best friend.
In this video we see a blonde retriever happily hammering out a steady bass drum pulse while her guitarist plucks the melody to the song "Take A Walk" by the American indietronica band Passion Pit.
It seems to me that this pooch would rather stay inside and jam then be taken for a walk...and isn't it absolutely adorable when she looks up for approval? "Am I doing it right?"

Video Source: Heang Konkhmer Youtube Channel

Elephant Orchestra
With a brain that's four times the size of ours and many more neurons, it's no surprising that Elephants are highly intelligent creatures with very rich and complex emotional lives. Elephants have complex matriarchal social structures with strong bonds of affection, and when one of the herd dies, the others not only bury the remains but do it so ceremoniously that the whole process cannot be described as anything other than a funeral.
They can also play music, provided of course that they are given drum sticks, xylophone mallets, harmonicas, sets of wind chimes, and other musical tools that they can manipulate with their long trunks.
This is exactly what the renowned conservationist Richard Lair and animal neuroscientist Dave Soldier have done with a group of 14 elephants at an animal sanctuary in Lampang, Thailand. The group of elephants play enjoy amazing cicistors to the sanctuary form all over the world with their improvised traditional Thai music, and they have even released three CDs.

Video Source: Kids Age Youtube Channel

Nora The Piano Cat
If there's one furry four legged friend who has obtained superstar status in the music world it would have to be the amazing Nora the piano cat.
Nora's human mommy is a piano teacher, and Nora learned how to play by studiously observing the piano lessons in her home. When she finally sat up on the piano stool and started tinkling away at the ivories (sorry Elephants!) it turned out that she had something of a jazzy style and a keen ear for harmonies.
Some of Nora's videos have already vetched over 9 million views, and symphony orchestras have even built full works around Nora's nearly purrfect improvisations.